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Scott’s 2017 U.S. Specialized and
Classic Catalogues at
Pre-Publication Prices!

The Scott 2017 Specialized Catalogue on United States Stamps & Covers – We will ship on October 7th! Scott Publishing Co., 2016, 1,319p+, Soft bound. Once again, in full color. Several new articles. Scott retail: $124.99. Our price: $85.00 plus $7.00 shipping.
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Chicago Blue

3c Bank Note – Maltese cross
Full strike ties stamp to cover. First day of use of this cancel, Berg type M-3. (PH80-02) $75.00 Click to order

Chicago Blue
3c Bank Note - Double wedges
Full strike ties stamp to cover. Thjis may be the earliest use of this cancel, Berg Type DW-17. $75.00 Click to order

Strikingly Beautiful
Union Patriotic!

1c Blue (Type 1)+3c Dull red, tied by New York Jun.7th CDS and grid killer to Kimmel (unsigned) patriotic cover (Weiss no. E-R-58 var.), blue Union flag and eagle design to Sing Sing, NY. This cover was originally in the Marc Haas collection which Stanley Gibbons began to market in 1980 via auction. Kimmel patriotic covers have always been among my favorites. A gem! Ex-Haas (PH79-01) $3,500.00
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Scarce Type IV" Cover

34 – Scarce Type IV on cover
10c Green, type IV (Position 64L1) on yellow cover tied by Portland O.T. Mar 24, 1859 CDS going to Lowville New York. Cover reduced ¼" at the left. Nice strong impression of this type. (PH80-01) $2,500.00 Click to order


206-E – Massey Patent – “nine holes”
1c Gray-blue, experimental American print­ing employing double paper with nine holes (in a circle) in the top layer. Imprint block of four with the American imprint at the bottom, full OG, HR. A couple of surface flaws which are quite common for this experiment. Ex-Pacetti (EP79-35) $500.00
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A Huge Bowlsby Block of 12

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Our 20th Century Essays & Proofs Page
Has Been Completely UPDATED with  Countless NEW ITEMS Added to the Page...
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A True One-of-a-Kind Essay

63-E11a – Unique die essay
1c Ultramarine, die essay on India paper. This is the “first design” or “August issue” and is the only recorded example of this die in ultramarine. Ex-Donald Evans, Pacetti (EP79-39) $3,000.00
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1869 Large Die Proof

121P1 – Large die proof

Ultramarine & carmine, large die proof pulled on India paper and die sunk on card blotter (76x120mm). It shows the engraver’s pencil signature "Ronaldson" (Douglas S. Ronaldson) who was the engraver of the shield, eagle and lettering on this issue. With 1998 P.F. certificate. Unique in this format! Ex-Price
$1,500.00 Click to order.

1869 Plate Proof on Bond Paper
Plate proof on bond paper

121P3 Variety – Plate proof on bond paper
30c Ultramarine & carmine, plate proof on bond paper, with large margins and deep colors, clearly heavy bond paper. Very fine and very unusual proof. With 1999 P.F. certificate. Ex-Finkelburg $750.00 Click to orde

Type 4 specimen overprints from the 1976 Dispersal by Robson Lowe

These overprints originally came from the postal archives of the Bechuanaland postal administration which was responsible for applying the type 4 overprints. They were removed from their U.P.U. sample books and were acquired by Robson Lowe. Therefore, most are without gum having been "sweated" off the pages and some have small faults resulting from their removal. Most have British Philatelic Association certificates. This particular lot surfaced in a 1978 in Robert a. Siegel Auctions sale no. 530. For the past 38 years they reposed in the inventory of the late Irwin Weinberg. The overprints are now available on an individual basis.

651S – 2c George Rogers Clark

No gum, without B.P.A. certificate. (S80-05) $400.00
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733S – 3c Byrd Antarctic
No gum, with B.P.A. certificate. (S80-18) $500.00 Click to order

776S – 3c Texas Centennial  No gum, without B.P.A. certificate. (S80-23) $400.00 Click to order

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