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The Travers Papers:
A Special Final Offer

Unique. In cooperation with the Smithsonian National Postal Museum, the never-before-told complete story of the development of the first United States postage stamps. With original previously-unpublished documents and unprecedented commentary by legendary experts in American postal history. Certainly one of the five most important books ever published in United States philately. Less than 17 copies remain of this fabulous set of books!

Compilation Directed By Thomas J. Alexander with
George W. Brett W. Wilson Hulme

Edited by Barbara R. Mueller
A DeLuxe Two-Volume Set Over 1,300 pages, Color Plate Section, Clothbound with Slipcase
Formerly $300.00
Now just $225.00 plus $15 shipping
(Canada $30.00/Overseas $45.00)
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Truly a wonderful book...
one man's distintive masterpiece

Postage due: The United States Postage Due Essays, Proofs and Specimens 1879-1986 By Harry K. Charles, Jr., PH.D., 2014, Hardbound, 289p with dust jacket. Published by: The Collectors Club of Chicago

Since 1968, the Collectors Club of Chicago has had a commitment to provide the philatelic community with publications that represent important contributions to our base of philatelic knowledge. The very first book, New York Foreign Mail Cancellations, 1870-1876, was the work of two of our members, Arthur Van Vlissingen and Morrison Waud. Their work became the seminal work on New York foreign mail cancellations and the first major work on the subject since Edward Milliken’s 31-page pamphlet in 1942.

Postage Due - The United States Postage Due Essays, Proofs and Specimens 1879-1986 is the 24th book to be published by the Collectors Club of Chicago. This book presents the first comprehensive look at the spectrum of Postage Due essays, proofs, and specimens ranging from the first Postage Due stamps of 1879 to the last series, which was discontinued in 1986. It will stand as a companion book to George Arfken’ s 1991 work, Postage Due – The United States Large Numeral Postage Due Stamps 1879-1894, which was also published by the club.
Price: $65.00 plus $5.00 shipping via media mail.

Why every student of essays
and proofs needs a copy of this book.

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Very Intriguing Combo Use

63+73 Bold manuscript “1865” cancel
Blue West Winthrop, ME CDS ties Black Jack. Interesting manuscript “1865” used to cancel both stamps. Opened at left. (PH73-32) $150.00
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Phenomenal 35-Cent Use to Russia!

76+71 – To Russia
A rare 35c rate to Russia from Portland, ME through Boston “per Russian closed mail”. It is a full cover and has a PF certificate. This cover comes from the Pierce correspondence. The quality is extraordinary. (PH73-01) $2,750.00 Click to order

Pristine Small Die Proof!

E6P2 – Small die proof
10c Ultramarine Roosevelt small die proof affixed to the original gray card backing. Beautiful color, margins and impression. (EP73-14) $300.00 Click to order

Truly Spectacular Plate Proof Block!

R146P4 – Plate number imprint strip of four
$2.50 Claret & black plate proof on card, sound. (EP73-04) $325.00 Click to order

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