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The 1869
Card Proof Inverts

120aP4, 121aP4, 122aP4, 129aP4 – The 1869 Issue card proof inverts
We recently re-acquired this set. This sheet margin set was first purchased by us at Washington 2006 and subsequently sold to a client a few years later.

This pristine set originated from the sheets of 100 which in all probability went from Petrie to the Earl of Crawford. The sheets were purchased as part of the Earl’s estate by the Nassau Stamp Company. Sometime after 1916 the sheets were cut up. Today there exists asset of plate blocks of eight, two sets of blocks of four, four sets of pairs (if they have not been cut apart) and the balance as singles. A very small number of the single sets come with sheet margins. Scott catalog value: $16,250.00

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Major Classic Gems!

11 – Used on hand illustrated envelope 3c Dull red, tied by large Boston “Paid” grid cancel with red Boston, Oct 12 CDS on cover addressed to Pittsford, Vt. Incredible pencil rendering of tall masted ship, the ocean and light house. The attention to detail is truly amazing and even more so is the shading and shadow throughout. An outstanding work of art. (PH78-01) $2,000.00 Click to order

143L8 – 25c Blue Wells, Fargo & Company used on Pony Cover U35, 3c pink on buff entire with Wells, Fargo & Company “Paid” printed frank. A four margin copy of the stamp tied by a bold blue strike of the Wells, Fargo & Co. Virginia City, N.T. Apr 30 datestamp. The cover is addressed James Feeney, Esq. in San Francisco. With PF certificate which mentions “entire reduced at right into the indicia. Fresh clean cover. (PH78-02) $5,750.00  Click to order 


A Phenomenal McCormick Reaper
Allover Advertising Cover...

26 – McCormick reaper cover 3c Dull red, tied Chicago, Ill, Jun 27, 1859 to allover illuminated advertising cover for the Cyrus McCormick reaper. Immaculate full cover printed by Ed. Mendel, Chicago. Two tiny pin holes at top left. Addressed to Cyrus McCormick when he was in Washington DC on business. A absolute gem! (PH78-16) $500.00  Click to order

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1TC1d 5c 1847 Black-brown full size trial color large die proof pulled on thin glazed card with crosshatching masked out. (EP78-31) $850.00 Click to order.

2TC1d 10c 1847 Blue trial color large die proof pulled on thin glazed card with cross-hatching masked out. (EP78-32) $850.00 Click to order.

20th Century Die Proofs!

610P1 – Harding Memorial
2c Black, die proof pulled on soft wove paper and affixed to card blotter. Very sharp incised die impression. A scarce proof. Catalog value: $1,400.00. (EP78-13) Net $1,200.00  Click to order

629P2 – Battle of White Plains 2c Red, small die proof on wove paper. Far rarer than the large die proof, at best three known in this format. (EP78-17) $1,500.00 Click to order

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