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Larry Sherman's Phenomenal U.S.
Patriotic Envelopes of
World War II

Book Cover

By Lawrence Sherman, 2006 Revised and expanded second edition, 428p, HB.
Larry’s revised work includes literally thousands of new cover listings with updated pricing information as of 2006, as well as a four-color photo section. It is the seminal work on the subject.

This is the best-selling book that we have published, to date with over 950 of the 1,000 copies published have sold. In recent months we have seen a spike in sales which suggests that demand is growing in this interesting area of philately. Retail: $75.00

The deep discount price is just $40.00 + $5.00 shipping
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1893 Columbian Roosevelt
Small Die Proofs---What a set!

Roosevelt Small Die Proofs

Complete set of 16, pulled on wove paper and mounted on thin gray card backing. Nice margins and intense bright colors throughout. This is the nicest set to reach the market in over four years, definitely a premium set. Source: The Itasca collection. $7,500.00 Click to order.

Trans-Mississippi Bi-Colors:
Scarce and Strikingly Beautiful

Trans Miss Bi Colors

Complete set of nine, pulled on India paper and still affixed to the original card blotters which have been cut down to just inside the die sinkage area. Every one of these was pulled directly onto the India paper and die sunk on card, there are no hybrids. The colors are as fresh as the day they were pulled. Of the 216 sets produced only the first 50, produced on January 23, 1899, do not contain any hybrids. This is far and away the most popular 19th century set of essays. SCV: for full size sets is $4,950.00 and premium sets, without hybrids, will sell for over catalog. Source: The Itasca collection.  $3,250.00

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A Huge Bowlsby Block of 12

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Pekin, Illinois Straight Line
Unusual Typeset Cancel

Pekin IL

Tazewell Co. Outer FLS docketed 1835, rated 18 3/4c. Minor aging along the edges. Scarce marking.  $175.00
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Black Jack Large Die Proof

Black Jack Die Proof

73P1a – Large die proof
2c Black type II full size die proof pulled on India paper and die sunk on card. Die No. "1030" and National Bank Note Company imprint. The most difficult of the 1861 issue die proofs to acquire.  $2,500.00
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Pittsburgh "Pointing Hand"
3c Bank Note Tied to Cover
Pointing Hand Cancel

Bold Blue Pittsburgh CDS with hand carved blue "pointing hand" auxiliary marking used as a killer to cancel the stamp. Clean and fresh full cover opened along the right edge. Very scarce marking. $500.00 Click to order

112P3-129P3 – 1869 Issue
India Plate Proofs
1869 Plate Proofs

Complete set of 10 plate proofs on India paper and mounted on thin buff card board to resemble die proofs. The fifteen-cent value is represented by the type II frame design. The edges of the cards have been ruled with black India ink. The set is mounted on the original album page. In the lower left corner it is dated: "F.W.W. 11-28-31". A very interesting page. Source: The Itasca collection. (EP81-19). Scott catalog value for the set as India plate proofs is $855.00. Net: $750.00 Click to order

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