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The 1861 Issue

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63 - Strip of five plus a single
Stamps tied by unusual target. Platte City, MO CDS. A double weight domestic use to Kentucky. This was a legal size envelope that has been reduced by 1 1/2 in. at left. Strips of five or six on cover are very scarce for this issue. $500.00

65 - San Francisco Cog
A perfect strike of the San Francisco, CA "Cog Wheel" cancel on small laid paper ladies envelope. Nov.1, 1864 CDS. (PH50-03) $175.00

Brattleboro, VT Masonic Killer
A marvelous full strike of a rare Masonic killer which ties a no. 65 to the cover. The carving is so well executed that it even contains the “G” in the center of the design. Ex-Koch (PH48-02) $2,500.00

26 ICRR Cover
Stamp tied by Chicago, Ill 1858 CDS to “Land Department, Ill. Central R.R. Co.” Reduced slightly at left. Ex-Stiss (PH48-04) $100.00 

65 Quincy, Ill Ad Cover
Beautiful blind embossed advertising cover the “Cincinnati Store, H.A. Pulte, goods and notions” An example of a very intricate and large embossing. (PH48-06) $100.00 

65 West Branch P.O.
West Branch Post Office oval on cover with Chicago 1864 duplex CDS. The West Branch was the first branch and opened in 1862. A little rough along the right edge. This is a great strike of this marking. (PH40-30) $150.00


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