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The 1861 Issue

Page Last Updated 8-16-2017


64 - Pink
Stamp tied by indistinct CDS to cover going to Worcester, Massachusetts. PF certificate states: “It is a genuine usage. The stamp with a tear at the top right and pulled perforation at the bottom right.” SCV: $825.00 Ex-Wagshal $250.00

64 Deep Pink
A real pink with CDS tying it to the cover. PF certificate mentions small faults. A cover with great “pink” eye appeal despite the small faults which are not apparent. Catalogs $825.00 Ex-Wagshal $400.00

65 – Brooklyn, NY fancy
Bold strike of fancy cross killer tying stamp to a fresh clean cover. Reduced ¼” at right. $125.00

65 – Large blind embossed “American Telegraph Company” corner card
Which is surrounded by green type. Williamsburg, NY 1862 CDS. Additional copy on the back. “The amount to be collected upon dispatch is written in full.” “In case an alteration is made by figures refuse to pay the messenger”. A few ting edge faults. Spectacular telegraph cover! $195.00

65 – Kingston, PA fancy
Nice 95% bold strike on stamp which is not tied. CDS accompanies, minor tear from opening top right. Stamp missing small piece of bottom right corner. Scarce cancel! $95.00

65 – Waterbury “W”
Full strike of Waterbury “W” (Rholoff no. K-14) on full cover to New York City. Pencil docketing on face “ MC May 19th/66” also ties stamp. Marvelous example. $300.00

65 – Tall ship illuminated advertising cover
Complete cover for H.J. Baker importers. New York, May 16 1864 CDS.  A spectacular cover which is docketed: Baker May 18/64. $300.00

65 – Brattleboro, VT Masonic
Early strike of blue Masonic cancel. The “G” can be clearly seen at the center of the cancel. Mourning cover very slightly reduced from opening at the right. A gem! $750.00

83 – “C” grill – Third day of use
Stamp tied by New York Nov 18 duplex CDS. This cover comes with a letter from noted grill expert Bill Herzog stating that it is an 1867 use and at the time of the Bill’s letter a third day of use.  Strong grill on an attractive cover. With PFC. SCV: $1,350.00. Ex-Wagshal $750.00



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