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Last Updated: 2-12-2019

Domestic Black Jack
Postal History

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              Bernard Faust Collection
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Drop Letters

73 – Owego, N.Y. Fancy
2c Black, tied by Owego, N.Y 1865 duplex CDS. Nice “Ring off Pearls” fancy cancel, on unsealed circular rate cover. Four-margin stamp, well centered. $150.00

Image graphic 73 - Greenville, S.C.
Manuscript "Drop Letter". Interesting content: A third party is offering the reverend shares in the South Carolina Rail Road for 50 cents on the dollar. By February 15th, 1867 the rail road was on its way into bankruptcy. Great piece of history. $125.00

Three-cent Domestic Covers

Image graphic 73 - Nicholasville, KY
2c Black, pair tied by Nicholasville, Nov 16, 1863 duplex CDS on full cover which is over paid by one-cent, going to Ohio. $100.00

Image graphic 73 – Strip of three
2c Black, tied by Philadelphia, Pa CDS to double weight cover going to Greencastle, Penna. Reduced 1’4” at left. Ex-Cole $100.00

Image graphic 87+63 – “E” grill – New York City
FLS with stamps tied by New York duplex CDS. Philadelphia P. Office , April 29, 1 A.M. receiving mark on the back. Docketed: “1868”. Second month of use for the Back Jack “E” grill. $100.00

Image graphic 73 – Tonganoxie, Kans.
2c Black, two singles struck with blue target cancels, Tonganoxie CDS accompanies on cover going to Indiana.  One-cent overpayment cover reduced Ό” at left. $100.00

Image graphic 63+73 - Albion, Michigan
1c Blue + 2c Black, struck with large "Paid 3" in arc cancels on domestic rate cover to Copper Hill, New Jersey. Albion, Mich. De c3 CDS accompanies. The "3" in the Paid cancel is especially large! Back stamped: "Herman Toaspern".

Image graphic 73 (Two singles) - Philadelphia, Pa.
1864, domestic rate cover, one-cent overpaid, to Whitefield, N.H. Note manuscript docketing: "Profile House July 12, Sent up here by mistake with ...". A Profile House, N.H. July 11 CDS accompanies. A most unusual Miss-sent cover. Ex-Rorke $150.00

Image graphic 73 - Pair - Independence, Oregon manuscript
2c Black, pair cancelled with pen strokes, on small cover to Jacksonville, Oregon. Contents included: letter dated April 15, 1966, about family and farming. The stamps represent a one-cent over-payment of the 3c domestic rate. $100.00

Image graphic 73+63 - Hohokus, N.J.
2c Black, 1c Blue struck with target cancel, CDS accompanies. Docketed inside: "Received Mar. 12th, '64", domestic use. Interesting town name. $75.00

Circular Covers

73 – Blue Begonia Leaf cancel
2c Black, tied by Frederick, Md., Begonia leaf cancel, to unsealed circular rate cover. (S/E no. PP-L 49). Scarce cancel. $150.00

73 – Brookline, Mass., Negative star cancel
2c Black tied to folded prices current, “October 31, 1867”, by negative star cancel, CDS accompanies. Ex-Harry F. Allen. His tracing accompanies. $100.00

73 – Canajoharie, N.Y.
2c Black, tied by waffle grid cancel, CDS accompanies. Stamp with three large margins, strong bright impression. Unsealed circular use. Great eye appeal. $100.00


Image graphic 73 – Wheeling, WV
2c Black, tied by blue duplex Wheeling CDS to full circular rate cover to Kingston, Ohio. Stamp is well centered! $150.00


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