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429 Yearbook the United States Revenue Society - 1909  $20.00
Society publication, 1909, 24p, CC. Early, informative booklet which recounts the workings of the society.

430 A Census of U.S. Match and Medicine Stamps  $27.95
Alrich, 1997, 222p, HB. Illustrates all of the rare M&M stamps. Includes background and a census of known copies by condition. Limited edition. New. Out of Print. Retail $34.95 Special.

436 Re-plating of the Five Cent Inland Exchange  $15.00
Bedford, 1930, 16p, loose-leaf.

440 The Supplemental Stamp Catalog  $95.00
Compiled and edited by Donald A. J. Byrum, 1974 revised edition which has all of his revisions, there is no page count but it is 2 inches thick, punched for a 3-ring binder. This catalog covers non-Scott tax and fee type stamps. It covers the world. Examples of stamps cataloged are as follows: parcel post, money order, return for postage, radio fee, railway express, postal savings, and many other Cinderella’s.

441 State and City Revenue and Tax Stamps of the United States  $50.00
Cabot, 1940, 138p, HB. Cataloged, priced; illustrated-great reference. We also have the soft bound edition available for $30.00

442 The Western States - Field Guide to Revenue Stamped Paper  $20.00
Castenholz, 1996 revised edition, 128p, SB. Contains nearly 1,000 new listings. Alphabetical listings are by state. Well illustrated.

Field Guides to Revenue Stamped Paper (by Castenholz & Sons)

443 The Castenholz Series of Field Guides to Revenue Stamped Paper  $99.00
Set of seven volumes. Includes the new volume one revised. A must for the collector of revenue stamped paper or stock certificates. Normal retail $117.50. A special purchase allows us to sell the set for $99.00.

445 First Federal Issue: 1798-1801 / U.S. Embossed Revenue Stamped Paper  $20.00
Combs, 1979 first edition, 124p, HB.

449 The Combs Catalog of Usages and Varieties of United States Embossed Revenue Stamped Paper: 1791 to 1817   S27.50 
Combs, 1992, 100p, HB.

453 Private Die Proprietary Medicine Stamps   $7.50
Griffenhagen, 1969, 78p, CC. Introductory type of text.

454 Medicine Tax Stamps Worldwide  $7.50
Griffenhagen, 1971, 126p, CC.

459 The Case of Dr. Kilmer  $40.00
Joyce, 1954, 28p, CC. A study of the Dr. Kilmer & Co. provisional proprietary revenue stamps.

461 Revenue Unit Column From the American Philatelist  $35.00
King, Bacharach & Turner; 1981; 237 p; HB.

462 Legendary Persian Rug & Other High Value Civil War Revenue Stamps $37.95
Kingsley, 1993, 152p, HB with dust jacket. “This is about the six greatest revenue stamps ever issued.” Large and small Persian rugs, $5000.00 proof and three high value proprietary stamps. 145 illustrations; 20 in full color with superb text on background of stamps; must-have book for revenue collector.
Retail $55.00 — Special purchase price reduction.  

465 The Vanderhoof Memorial Book  $35.00
Larsen, 1954, 67p, Loose-leaf. A compilation of the revenue writings of E. R. Vanderhoof.

467 History of Oleomargarine Tax Stamps & Licenses in the United States  $27.50
Litchfield, 1988, 128p, HB. Illustrated and priced catalog.

468 A Catalogue of Nevada Checks: 1860 to 1933  $19.50
McDonald, 1993, 128p, SB. Illustrated guide to Nevada checks, including those printed on revenue stamped paper. With rarity and price guides.

470 U.S. Civil War Revenue Stamp Taxes  $36.95
Mahler, 1988, 348p, HB. A compendium of correspondence, statutes, decisions and rulings pertaining to the documentary and proprietary taxes which were levied to finance the cost of the Civil War. Great Book! Standard retail $50.00 our price… $36.95.

471 A New and Complete Catalogue of the Revenues of the United States  $25.00
Nast, 1905, 20p, CC. Early classic revenue work.

472 United States Beer Stamps  $95.00
Priester, 1979 first ed., 95p, HB. Historical text with catalog, census; illustrated.

473 As above, 1990, 57p, HB. Expands on listings and updates pricing.  $20.00

474 Nebraska Revenue Stamps  $5.00
Pruess, 1972, 18p, SPB. Illustrated and priced catalog.

475 United States Telegraph Issues  $10.00
Rich & Rich, 1947, 76p, CC; includes stamps issued from 1850 to 1939.   

480 Revenue Stamps of the United States: 1862 to 1899  $15.00
Sargent, 1942, 137p, HB. At the time of the publication, it was billed as the new Boston Revenue Book.

481 A Selective Bibliography of Literature on Revenue Stamps  $15.00
Schonfeld, 1954, 34p, CC. A bibliography of foreign revenue literature.

485 Springer’s Handbook of North American Cinderella Stamps Including Taxpaid Revenues — Complete Set of the Ten Editions  $350.00
Springer, 1962 to 1985, 10 Booklets with card covers. A lifetime of research covering these popular non-Scott listed areas.

491 Multiple Pieces of U. S. Revenues, 1862-81  $7.50
Turner, 1961, 12p, Self-cover. A listing of known pairs, blocks and larger.

493 A Checklist (Priced) of the Beer Stamps of the United States of America  $30.00
Vanderhoof, 1934, 15p, CC.

494 The Revenue Stamps of the United States  $21.95
West, (a.k.a. Elliot Perry), 1979, 102p plus 16 plates, HB. Out
of print.

495 Private Die Match Stamps  $55.00
West, (a.k.a. Elliot Perry), 1980, 255p and 7 plates, HB. Provides a detailed history of each of the stamps and their issuing companies. Out of print.


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