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244 Air Post Journal 1944 – 1973 Hard bound (missing vols 27 & 28) $300.00 + $20.00 shipping via FedEx ground. 
The journal of the American Air Mail Society, all in publisher’s bindings, very nice throughout. A great early run of this journal which starts with volume  no. 16.


245 American Air Mail Catalogue - Three Volumes  $40.00
1947, 1950 & 1959, total of 1575p, HB. Volume III serves as a supplement to Volumes I and II.


248 Vol. I, 1974, 478p, HB. Pioneer and government flights; Zeppelin posts.  $35.00
251 Vol. V, 1985, 571p, HB.
U.S. glider, autogiro, helicopter, jet age and souvenir historical flights.  $25.00 

253 American Air Mail Catalogs: Vols. I through V and pricing supplement $ 250.00

— Volumes I through V and pricing supplement are now ALL OUT OF PRINT! —

273 Sanabria – The World Airmail Catalogue – 1966 $200.00
Published by Nicholas Sanabria Co., Inc, 1966, 1350p, HB. The last complete edition. Scarce.

274 Sanabria The World Airmail Catalog 1972 Edition  $125.00
Sanabria Pub. Co., 1972, 900+ p, Loose-leaf. The last edition which covered countries from A - M. Scarce title.

275 The Story of the Airship  $20.00
Allen, 1931, 7th edition, 84p, HB. Loaded with facts and illustrations.

276 The Inverted Jenny! $ 17.50
Amick; 1986; 250 p; HB; Great bedtime reading. This edition is out of print.

281 Martin’s Air Transport Label Catalog  $25.00
Becken, 1934 first edition, 52p, CC. No illustrations, but each label is well described.

282 The Orient Flight – L. Z. 127 – Graf Zeppelin $40.00
Blau & Deighton, 1980, 135p, HB. An illustrated history of the flight and includes information on pricing and fakes. Long out of print.

287 Balloon Post of the Siege of Paris: 1870 to 1871  $15.00
Chaintrier, 1976, 163p, HB.

291 Sanabria - The World Airmail Catalog - North America  $20.00
Datz & Sine, editors, 1993, 120p, SB. Contents include Scott and non-Scott airmail items. Countries include the United States and possessions, Canada, Canada semi-officials, Newfoundland, Mexico and the United Nations. New.

292 The Transports  $28.00
Davis, 1999, 231p, SB. Well written and illustrated monograph on the large transport series of U.S. Airmails.

293 Crash Covers - an Aerophilatelic Challenge  $35.00
Eisendrath, 1979, 210p, HB. A listing of foreign and United States crash covers. Illustrated with photos of crash scenes. Scarce title.

294 Ellington-Zwisler (E-Z) Rocket Mail – Two volumes $200.00
Ellington & Zwisler, 1967 & 1973, 413p total, HB. The definitive work on rocket mail. A very scarce title.

295 Hindenburg Crash Mail - The Search Goes On $35.00
Falk, 1976, 64p, SB.

296 Catalog of the Charles A. Lindbergh Collection of the Cardinal Spellman Philatelic Museum  $25.00
Fidelma & Curley, 1968, 36 p +34p of appendices, SPB. Illustrates their collection of Lindbergh covers and memorabilia.

298 United States - The Five Cent Beacon Air Mail Stamp of 1928  $20.00
Goodkind, 1958, 64p, CC. The definitive work on the subject.

299 The First Airmail Stamps of the United States $ 10.00
Goodkind, 12p CC. The story behind our first airmail stamps.

300 The Twenty-Four Cent Airmail Invented Center of 1918  $25.00
Goodkind; 1956; 32 p; CC.

301 United States RF Overprints  $50.00
Goodkind, 1958, 64p, CC. Definitive work on RF overprints.

302 The Black Honduras  $5.00
Green, 1962, 32p, CC. The story of the world’s rarest airmail stamp.

303 OAT and AV2 Markings $25.00
Heifetz, 2000, Second Edition, 143p, SB. Illustrates markings and uses on cover, includes census.

305 Air Mail — An Illustrated History: 1793 to 1981  $30.00
Holmes, 1981, 226p, HB. Well-written and illustrated account.

306 Aerial Mail Service $15.00
Jones, 1993, 128p, SB. A chronology of the early United  States government air mail, March through December, 1918. Well illustrated. 

312 U.S. Governmental No. 101 - First Flight Cancellations: May 15-16, 1918 $ 10.00
Kirker, 1990, 24p, PC. Well written and illustrated.  

313 Pioneer Airpost Flights of the World 1830-1935 $50.00
Dr. Max Kronstein, 1978, 310p, HB. A descriptive and illustrated history of pioneer flights from around the world. Excellent basic reference.

315 The Mass flight of Italo Balbo $15.00
Lana, 1990, 144p, SB. A complete illustrated history of the Balbo flights. Also included is pricing information for covers, cards, and stamps.

317 The Airmail: Jennies to Jets  $25.00
Lipsner, 1951, 306p, HB. The thrilling story of the airmail, as told by the first superintendent of the U.S. Airmail Service.

318 Airmails 1870-1970  $20.00
Mackay, 1971, 216p, HB. Worldwide in scope, excellent bibliography at back.

319 Courier Recupere * Recovered Mail – airplane crashes 1918-1978 $30.00
Henri L. Niernck, 1978, 367p, HB + 1985 valuation guide. Illustrated record of crash mail.

321 The Pioneer Airplane Malls of the United States  $25.00
O’Sullivan, 1985, 338p, HB. Illustrates covers and memorabilia of the 1910 to 1916 era. Good text.

325 The Buffalo Balloon Mail: 1873 to 1877  $10.00
Schoendorf, 1979, 30, CC. Informative booklet about the stamp & flight.

326 Catalog of Classic American Airposts and Aeronautics: 1784 to 1900 $ 25.00
Schoendorf, 1962, 99p, HB. Well-illustrated monograph on balloon posts.

327 The Pioneer Flights of Garden City Estates, New York: 1911  $20.00
Schoendorf; 1982; 75 p; SB. Superb historical text illustrated with 75 covers and photos of participants and planes.

329 Glider Mail  $20.00
Short, 1987, 261p, HB. Illustrated catalog of worldwide glider mail. New.

330 Via Airmail  $20.00
Short, editor, 1992, 224p, HB. Aerophilatelic survey of events, routes and rates. Contains great rate information. New.  

337 The Airmail Special Delivery Stamps of the United States  $12.50
Sloat, 1977, 86p, CC. Definitive work on Scott #’s CE1 &CE2; illustrated.

338 The History of the R.A.F. Postal Service Overseas: 1942 to 1957  $25.00
Smith, 1957, 28p, CC. Illustrated history; contains tracings of R.A.F. postal markings. 

338A Rocket Mail Catalogue and Historical Survey of First Experiments in Rocketry $25.00
Stephen H. Smith, 1955 edition, 64p, 3-ring binder, Reproduction of an early work on rocket mail. Useful!

339 Airmails of New Zealand – Vol. Two – The Overseas Flights 1928-1940 $65.00
Douglas A. Walker, 1986, 346p, HB.

341 Soviet Space Catalog  $75.00
Winick, 1978, 345p, HB. Well-illustrated catalog containing photos of covers, markings, cachets, autographs and valuations. Very scarce title.

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