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The Civil War

                                                Page last updated:  3-14-2019

Prisoner of War Covers

65– Johnson’s Island, Sandusky, Ohio
3c Rose, tied by duplex Sandusky O. Aug 19, ’64 CDS to cover addressed to occupied New Orleans, La. Manuscript examiner’s marking: “Ex GSB” (Cpl. George S. Brown, 128th O.V.I.). Cover toning. Nice appearing. $300.00 

65 – Old Point comfort – “Per Flag of Truce”
3c Rose, tied by “waffle grid” cancel and Old Point comfort Va Jan 25 CDS on cover going to Walton, N.Y. Docketing at the top reads: “R.B. White Oct 1863” and “W----- in army”. It will take some more research to find the records for R.B. White. Another possibility is a civilian flag of truce. $450.00

Imahe graphic 65 - Fort Delaware, Delaware City, Del.
3c Rose, tied by Delaware City Del Dec 19th duplex CDS on cover addressed to: Mrs. Celinda Turner, Marysville, Ohio. Somehow it escaped proper examining markings. This was sent by A. Toland Turner, to his sister; he was a member of the 15th Louisiana Regiment, 2nd Army Corps, ANV. He was captured at Spotsylvania on May 12, 1864. Celinda married Col. MC. Lawrence of the 121st OVI after the war. He became a senator from Ohio. $100.00

65 – Camp Chase, Columbus, Ohio
3c Rose, tied by “prison bar grid” cancel”, Columbus Oct 27th CDS accompanies, on cover to Mrs. Alfred Hughes, Wheeling (west) Virginia. The ink on the address is faded; strong manuscript: “Exmd Peter Zinn Major Com Post”. He husband, Alfred, was a political prisoner, considered a traitor to the Union for refusing to recognize West Virginia as a state. He remained in camp chare for eight months, until his release in December 1862. He was then elected to the Virginia legislature. A second cover from this correspondence. $125.00

Imahe graphic 65 – Johnson’s Island, Sandusky, Ohio inbound
3c Rose, tied by “waffle grid” cancel. Old Point comfort, Va May 10th CDs accompanies on inbound cover to: Lt. James I. Metts Prisoner War, 3rd NCT (North Carolina Troops) Johnson’s Island, Ohio, Care Genl B.F. Butler Fortress Monroe. Examine mark; “Ex. R”, only used for a couple of days, routing grossed out in blue pencil. Heavily water soiled cover but scarce desirable use. Mett’s was wounded at Gettysburg on July 2nd, captured and sent to Johnson’s Island. $200.00

65 – Point Lookout, Maryland inbound
3C Rose, tied by “wedge” cancel and Old Point Comfort, VA Feb 7th CDS to inbound cover front addressed to John Lumpkin, Prisoner of War, Point Lookout, Maryland. Docketed in red pen: “Dec. 6, 1864” and source of contents, examined marking in pencil. Letters to those who died, escaped, or were released, were filed by the prison mail clerk under the initial for the last name (note the blue “L”), and the date and sender indicated. Ex-Dietz & Hedin. $50.00

Imahe graphic 65 – Point Lookout, Maryland
3c Rose, struck with “four-ring target” cancel, Point Lookout, Sep 216th ’64 CDS accompanies, on prisoner’s cover to Wm Deaton, Caledonia, Moore county, N.C. With dateless, type IIa octagonal examined marking, Confederate “Due 10” and Richmond CDS. Prisoner Noah Deaton was in Co. H, NC 26th Infantry and was captured at Bristoe Station, Va on Oct 14th, 1863 after surviving Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg. Includes military bio. $495.00

Imahe graphic 65 – Civilian Flag of Truce
3c Rose, tied by “quartered cork” cancel and Old Point Comfort, VA Jan 17thCDS accompanies to cover addressed to Prof. B. S. Hedrick Washington D.C. Small opening tear at top. Well-known correspondence to North Carolina Southern abolitionist living in the North during the war, this cover noted as being from his family in Capel Hill in November 1864. $50.00

Union Postal History

65 – Official Business
Full envelope with the imprint blocked out with red ink-brush stroke. Port Royal May 30 ’65 CDS ties the stamp along with cork cancel. Ex-William “Bill” Fox $50.00

65 - Beaufort, S.C., Feb. 12, 1862 CDS 9191
Early occupation marking, applied with captured device used by the Union postmaster. This marking is relatively scarce and was only used in early until a devise was sent from Washington. I have not seen one struck well. Ex-Carrera $125.00

65 – Beaufort, S. C.
(Weiss no. F-F-168) with stamp tied by target cancel, Beaufort, Jun 18, 1862 CDS accompanies. Beaufort was occupied by Union forces shortly after the November 7, 1861 invasion of Port Royal Sound. Full cover with opening nick at top left. $175.00

65 – U.S.S. Constitution – Outbound from Port Royal, S.C.
Sent from Port Royal, Dec 2, 1862 to a midshipman on the U.S.S. Constitution at Newport, R.I. This cover would have been sent at the end of the third week of the Port Royal invasion, thus an early use. Sealed tear at the bottom. Ex-Graham $150.00

65 – U.S.S. “Flag” – Inbound
Cover addressed to 3rd Asst. Engineer, Henry S. Robinson. There are notes, in pencil, on the back about “coaling” the ship. “USS Flag spent her Civil War career blockading the coasts of South Carolina, Georgia and eastern Florida, participating in the capture or destruction of several would-be blockade runners, among them three steamers. She also was involved in several operations against enemy shore positions, including the occupation of Tybee Island, Georgia, in November 1861, the capture of Fernandina, Florida, in March 1862 and operations against the fortifications protecting Charleston, South Carolina, in 1863.” Ex-Graham $125.00

Soldier’s Letter – Louisville, KY
Blue Louisville Mar 10, 1863 CDS with accompanying “DUE 3” on envelope going to Ohio. Manuscript field grade officer endorsement reads: “Soldier’s Letter, Capt. D. Barrett, Co. I, 89th OVI”. Barrett was captured at the Battle of Chickamauga in November of 1863 and sent to Libby Prison. Small edge tears which do not attract. $125.00

Soldier’s Letter – Port Royal, SC
Soldier’s Letter – Port Royal, SC, Oct 10, 1863 CDS with accompanying “Due 3” on envelope going to Connecticut. Manuscript field grade officer endorsement reads: “Soldier’s Letter, E. Quigley Act Surg, 7th CV”. Foxing. $20.00

65 – Ship Island, Miss.
Straight line marking with manuscript “Apr 14” (1862) on cove to Vermont with two three-cent stamps with pen cancels. Pencil notation on front reads: “This contains his diary while on board ship when going to Ship Island”. The diary is no longer inside. However, there are two letters enclosed dated: Nov 6th and 17th 1861 from Camp Hamilton to his wife. They dwell on camp life and mention going south. One is on patriotic letterhead with red and blue piping. $250.00 

 Mint Union Patriotics

Southern Menagerie
J. E. Hayes design, Weiss No. C-A-O-42, one of the great caricature patriotics in red and blue. $100.00

Union – Our Country
John P. Charlton, Philadelphia design, Weiss No. O-S-18, in red and blue. $15.00

Secession Web
D. Murphy’s & Son, New York design, Weiss No. C-A-O-57, in red and blue. $50.00

U.S. Capitol Washington No. 1B
Magnus bronze design, Weiss No. DC-129. $100.00

Image icon Hartford Conn.
Red & Blue two panel design (Weiss No. F-L-45) $35.00

Image iconRepudiation
Black Berlin & Jones design (Weiss No. C-P-R-6) $50.00

Image icon Southern Dog
Black Berlin & Jones design (Weiss No. C-A-D-26) $50.00

Confederate Postal History

CSA 11 – Milledgeville, GA
November 12, 1864 cover addressed to the Hon. Clifford Anderson, House of Representatives, Confederate Congress, Richmond, VA. He served in the second Confederate congress of 1864-65. $300.00



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