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The Civil War

                                                Page last updated:  2-22-2018

Union Postal History

Soldier’s Letter – Louisville, KY
Blue Louisville Mar 10, 1863 CDS with accompanying “DUE 3” on envelope going to Ohio. Manuscript field grade officer endorsement reads: “Soldier’s Letter, Capt. D. Barrett, Co. I, 89th OVI”. Barrett was captured at the Battle of Chickamauga in November of 1863 and sent to Libby Prison. Small edge tears which do not attract. $125.00

Soldier’s Letter – Port Royal, SC
Soldier’s Letter – Port Royal, SC, Oct 10, 1863 CDS with accompanying “Due 3” on envelope going to Connecticut. Manuscript field grade officer endorsement reads: “Soldier’s Letter, E. Quigley Act Surg, 7th CV”. Foxing. $20.00

65 – Ship Island, Miss.
Straight line marking with manuscript “Apr 14” (1862) on cove to Vermont with two three-cent stamps with pen cancels. Pencil notation on front reads: “This contains his diary while on board ship when going to Ship Island”. The diary is no longer inside. However, there are two letters enclosed dated: Nov 6th and 17th 1861 from Camp Hamilton to his wife. They dwell on camp life and mention going south. One is on patriotic letterhead with red and blue piping. $250.00

65 – Chattanooga Tenn Straight-line
Typeset and boxed with steel rule, dated: “January ?, 1864”. Once Union forces captured Chattanooga this make shift cancel was used by the field post office. An excellent example of this cancelling device. $150.00

65 - St. Helena Island
Hand illustrated cover and letter from a soldier to his sister. Letter dated: March 12th 1863 describes camp life being quite different in South Carolina. A lot more “spit and polish” required. The cover travelled by ship and was posted at Norfolk, VA, Sept 26th ‘63. The envelope obviously from this correspondence does not date to the letter. Still a great hand illustrated combination which definitely came from the same correspondence $400.00


 Mint Union Patriotics

Southern Menagerie
J. E. Hayes design, Weiss No. C-A-O-42, one of the great caricature patriotics in red and blue. $100.00

National Union
Magee design, Weiss No. F-SI-61, hand colored. $75.00

Union – Our Country
John P. Charlton, Philadelphia design, Weiss No. O-S-18, in red and blue. $15.00

Secession Web
D. Murphy’s & Son, New York design, Weiss No. C-A-O-57, in red and blue. $50.00

U.S. Capitol Washington No. 1B
Magnus bronze design, Weiss No. DC-129. $100.00

Lady Liberty with Eagle, Shield and Flag
F.K. Kimmel, New York design, Weiss No. F-SI-108a, in black. $50.00

Generals: Porter, Banks, and Rosecranz 2045
Magnus bronze design, Weiss Bo. PM-305. $100.00


Confederate Postal History

CSA 11 – Milledgeville, GA
November 12, 1864 cover addressed to the Hon. Clifford Anderson, House of Representatives, Confederate Congress, Richmond, VA. He served in the second Confederate congress of 1864-65. $300.00

West Point, GA “Due 20” – Turned Cover
Sent with manuscript “Due 10”, from West Point, an additional “Due 10” was added once it reached its destination in Alabama, and totaled as “20”. This cover appears to have been used prior to the war, with a U.S. No. 26 cancelled at Augusta, Me to West Point, Ga. Field endorsement: “From M.S. Ruse, Co. G, 1st Arkansas Reg. of Mt. Riflemen, Reynolds Brig., Walthalls Div.” This is a very rare Arkansas regimental cover. $500.00

Deep Red Lexington, Ga and Large “PAID 10”
Handmade cover addressed to Lieut. John C. Reid, 8th Georgia Regt., Anderson’s brigade, Hoods Div., Atlanta, Georgia. Notes along to edge: “From mother please forward on to the regiment.” Upper right: “charge box”. Pencil docketing: “Nov 20 63”. Reid was wounded in the knee on Jul 3rd, 1863 during the Battle at Gettysburg.. He is quoted on 13 pages in the book: A Scythe of Fire: A Civil War Story of the Eight Georgia Infantry regiment. $300.00



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