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United States Postal Guide - October 1863
Containing the chief regulations of the post office; and a complete list of post offices throughout the United States.

A compact (5" x 7") and handy reference work from the Civil War era, Appletons United States Postal Guide is a wonderful and rather comprehensive overview of the state of the USPOD operations at a critical point in our nation's history. Included is a list of post offices in the United States, the very first year such a list was available—and the laws and regulations then currently governing mail operations.

The latter features the section on Local Post Office Regulations, which include data on operations of the post offices of New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Cincinnati, Chicago, Detroit and St. Louis. The section provides data on arrival and departure of mail trains and steamers, carrier service details and, for Chicago, on supplementary mail service after the mails to the east were closed. Appleton's is a wonderful book for the postal historian!

Price: $35.00 + $4.00 shipping and handling.
Foreign orders: shipping and handling is $10.00.  This is a hardbound book of 232 pages.

Postmarks on Postcards
Revised 2nd Edition. An Illustrated Guide to Early 20th Century U.S. Postmarks
By Richard Helbock

This 290-page generously-illustrated handbook is designed to provide both an introduction to all U.S. postmarks of the 1900-1920 era and a reference for anyone wishing to learn more about postmarks and postmark collecting.

The first of two sections explores all U.S. postmark types found on cards and covers of the Postcard era; and the second provides details of which U.S. postmarks are collected.

Part I consists of ten chapters featuring Doane cancels; Manuscript & Straight-line markings; Anachronisms & Mimics; and Machine Cancels just to name a few. Each subject is carefully explained and well illustrated, and the discussion includes comments on the market value for each postmark type. The chapter on Machine Cancels includes a simple technique that enables the reader to make a rapid identification of the manufacturer of nearly all machine cancels of the 1900-1920 period.

Part II discusses the major ways in which U.S. postmarks are collected. The six chapters include collecting by Geographic Regions, Rural Free Delivery, Railway Post Offices, Naval & Military Specialties and an entirely new chapter on Collecting Ancillary & Auxiliary Markings.

The book wraps up with a Glossary of Postal History Terms; four Appendices providing specific data on the subjects of U.S. Doane cancels and Military & Naval postal history; and an Index.

Price: $27.50 + $4.00 shipping and handling. Foreign orders: shipping and handling is $10.00.

United States Post Offices -The Northeast
Edited by Richard W. Helbock

U.S. Post Offices - Vol.4 - The Northeast now available. Volume Four covers all of the New England states (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts) plus, as an added bonus, New York and Pennsylvania. It is 288 pages, will appear in a softbound edition, and the text follows the format of the first three volumes. The post offices for the eight states have been combined and are listed in alphabetical order. Each town listing includes the state, county, dates of operation and a scarcity factor.

These important Helbock books have become especially popular among postal historians, town cancel collectors, and even postcard collectors. Volume Four is a "must have" edition if you already own the first three volumes. This is also a nice opportunity to acquire all four volumes at once.

Price: $27.50 plus $4.00 shipping

United States Post Offices Vol. 1 - The West.
Helbock, 1998, 222p. SB. $27.50
United States Post Offices Vol. 2 - The Great Plains. Helbock, 1998, 222p. SB. $27.50
United States Post Offices Vol. 3 - The Upper Midwest. Helbock, 1999, 264p. SB. $27.50

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The shipping and handling charge is only $4.00 whether you order one volume or all four.

The Forwarding of Mail by the U.S. Post Office Department, 1792-2001
By Anthony Wawrukiewicz

Tony Wawrukiewicz's first book on this subject was published in 1991—but as John Hotchner says in the Preface to this new work, "...he has used the intervening ten years to work with others, to gather research materials, and to review tens of thousands of covers for examples and for puzzles to solve."

In 230 pages (with scores and scores of fine illustrations) and 21 chapters, this hardbound book is a comprehensive, logical and easy reference to a subject that often hampers postal historians in their studies. And as it covers a period dating almost to the exact beginning of the United States, it will be of major interest to all specialists—classic to modern. In fact, by not limiting his coverage to one particular era, the author has turned this work into a monumental contribution to the study of American postal history. Classics Society members will truly benefit from the pre-1900 chapters.

This is a "Must Have" book for every collector of covers! Order it now while supplies last. In the future, when you're puzzled by a difficult-to-decipher cover, you'll be glad you have this "bible" on hand!

Price: $39.95 plus $4.00 shipping

These other Wawrukiewicz Titles:

U.S. Domestic Postal Rates: 1872-1999. Wawrukiewicz and Beecher; 1999 2nd Revised Edition; 338 pp. HB $50.00. SB $40.00.
U.S. International Postal Rates, 1872 to 1996. Wawrukiewicz and Beecher; 1996; 416 pp. HB $50.00. SB $40.00.

Note Regarding Shipping: $4.00 for 1st book, $1.00 each additional book. Foreign Orders: Add $10.00 for shipping.