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                                   Page last updated: 8-9-18

Image Ex. President Tyler
Outer leaf of FLS sent to former President Tyler in 1845. Originally rated “10” in purple ink. This was crossed out and marked “Free”. Red New York Feb 26 CDS. $200.00

Image East Boston, Ms
Beautiful small ladies envelope with large East Boston CDS and “PAID” & “3” rating mark all in black. A gem! Ex-Konwiser $100.00

Image Enfield, Mass.
Bold red  scroll CDS dated “Apr. 21.”, letter dated 1835. Black manuscript 12 ½ rate to Great Falls, New Hampshire. Tiny unobtrusive tear at top. Very attractive! $225.00

Beaufort, S.C.
FLS with large Beaufort May 9 CDS. Family letter dated 1845. Rated 12 1/2c going to Charleston, S.C. $35.00

Beaufort, S.C.
FLS with large blue Beaufort 29 July  CDS, going to Charleston, S.C. and without any rating mark.  Edge fault at bottom. $25.00

Savannah, Georgia 
Outer leaf of a FLS going to Poughkeepsie, New York. Nick at top and erosion spot near bottom. Ex-William “Bill” Fox $100.00



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