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Our Bi-Weekly Newsletter

November 3rd Edition

Good morning RANDY L., 

The National Postage Stamp Show was a huge success with over 4,000 people in attendance. A special thanks to members of the philatelic community and ASDA members who both put on seminars and provided exhibits.
Opinions VIII is now in stock and ready to ship. You will find a special offer of Opinions I through VII below as well

There is still time to place an advance order for either or both the 2011 Scott Specialized and Classic Catalogue as our final order will be placed with Scott this coming Monday morning.  We expect the Classic to arrive on Wednesday the 10th and shipping to you on Thursday.

Chicagopex, my home town show, will be held in two short weeks at the Weston Hotel in Itasca, IL which is just West of O'Hare airport. Please stop by booth number 61.
Thanks for your time today.

All the best,

Jim Lee
New Title

9254 Opinions Vlll - Philatelic Expertizing - An Inside View - NOW IN STOCK

Edited by Larry Lyons, 2010, 243p, HB. A total of 23 articles on "patients expertised by the Foundation. Some of the articles include: The "Knapp Shift" - No real, The Second Roosevelt Album. A 10c 1869 Bisect Cover?, Artistry in a 30c 1869 cover, etc. $55.00

This Week's Specials


Opinions I through VII - Philatelic Expertizing - An Inside View
A complete set of the previously published volumes. Our retail:$290.00. For the next week you can purchase a set for just $250.00 plus $7.50 shipping. There are only four sets available at this price.

Billig's Philatelic Handbooks - A complete run of 44 volumes
The seminal work of the late Fritz Billig covering countries from A to Z. The last 11 volumes include the Robson Lowe's seminal work "Encyclopedia of the British Empire" which by itself sells for $750.00 in the original bindings. The last volume includes "Guidelines for the Penny Black". This set is a bargain at $900.00 + FedEx ground shipping. Only one set available.

This is your last chance to order the
Scott's Specialized and Classic Catalogues at Pre-Publication Prices


Once again, we are offering the new Scott catalogs at prepublication prices. We have no plans to stock these.

9252 The Scott 2011 Specialized Catalogue on United States Stamps & Covers - In stock.
Scott Publishing Co., 2011, unknown at this time, Soft bound. Once again, in full color. Scott retail: $79.99. Our price: $65.00 postpaid..

9253 The Scott 2011 Classic Specialized Catalogue on Stamps & Covers 1840 -1940 - November 8th release date.
Scott Publishing Co., 2011, unknown at this time, Hard bound. Classic worldwide stamps in full color. HB. Once again, in full color. Scott retail: $139.99. Our price: $115.00 postpaid.

Recent Releases


United States Grills and Notes on the Grilled Issues of the United States
By William L. Stevenson and Lester Brookman, with introduction by noted grill student William K. Herzog, 1980 Triad Publications reprint, 87p, card cover. This pamphlet brings together under one cover the first two major works on the grilled issues. Herzog's introduction also provides additional sources of information that will pick up the story where Brookman left off. We have just uncovered about 25 new copies of the booklet. 

Our retail: $30.00. We have extended the special offer of $20.00 for one more week.

2051 UPSS 2010 Postal Card Catalog
UPSS, 2010, 290p, HB. The new edition will be in full color for the first time. The size has expanded to 8.5 x 11. I am told that the hard bound edition press run will be quite small. This edition always sells out rather quickly. We have ordered just 40 copies. There is also a loose-leaf edition. Based on the number of pages it will take a large 3-ring binder to hold this edition. Therefore we recommend the hard bound edition.  We will stock the loose-leaf edition but do not yet have a price. The hard bound edition will sell for $72.00

6249 TEN-CENT 1869 COVERS A Postal History Survey
By Michael Laurence, published by the Collectors Club of Chicago, 2010, 400+p, HB with dust jacket. Michael's work is the seminal work on domestic and foreign usages of the period of the 1869 issue. With the focus on the 10c issue Laurence has recorded 1,298 covers over the past 50 years. This work will serve as the standard for future postal history works. Edition limited to 500 copies. $75.00

9148 U.S. Domestic Postal Card Regulations 1874 to 1885
By Robert Stendel, 2010, 60p, Soft bound. Illustrated in full color it covers all of the various types, varieties and usages of government postal cards. An outstanding work. $45.00

9246 U.S. Possessions and Administration Catalog
Published by the United Postal Stationery Society, 2010, 224p,  Spiral bound. It has probably been over 20 years since a complete possessions catalog has been released. It covers: Canal Zone, Cuba, Danish West Indies, Hawaii, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Ryuku, and American Zone (Germany after WWII). It is a priced catalog and is printed in B&W. $65.00

9247 Collecting Confederate Paper Money - Field edition 2008

By Pierre Fricke, published by Spink/Smythe, 2008, 454p, HB and illustrated in full color. A superb catalogue that includes a guide to collecting, catalogs issued and counterfeit Confederate notes and bonds. It illustrates the subtle differences in varieties, and provides current pricing and rarity information. A marvelous work. $40.00

Show Schedule
Weston Hotel Northwest
Route 53 at Thorndale
Itasca, IL
November 19 - 21

Thanks for your time today,

Terms & Shipping
We will continue to ship and bill to those who have ordered from us in the past. Visa and Master Card, and Discover accepted. Unfortunately we do not accept American Express or Pay Pal. I suggest a phone call on the One-of-a-kind items (toll free: 877/696-8403). You can order by phone, e-mail or fax (847/462-9140). Sales Tax: Illinois residents please add 7.0 % sales tax. Thank you. Shipping: Unless shipping charges are specified they are $5.00 for the first book and $1.00 a book thereafter. There is an additional postage charge for foreign orders. There are no further discounts available on the items listed above.

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