James E. Lee's Special Bi-Weekly Email Newsletter - No. 371
New  Postal History, and Essays & Proofs

26 - Middlefield, MS
An extremely well centered stamp with S-O-N CDS. Minor edge nick at bottom right corner. A gem!

65 - Andover, MS
April 1863 CDS with "PAID 3" in circle tying the stamp. Docketing in red and blue pencil noting a death. Slight reduction at left.

63+113 - H.B. Shaw cover
Full cover with stamps tied by cork negative star killers from Madison, Wis. Fresh and clean, nice mixed franking. H.B. Shaw, a woman, was a pioneer mail order maven.

65 - Lockport, NY large  "L"
Bold full strike on full cover. Lockport Glass Manufacturing corner card. Roughly opened at top but mended.

721 - Coil single
Good & Plenty was one of my favorites as a child. It was still only five-cents in the late 1950's. Nice ad cover.

One-cent 1861 issue postal history from the gold medal collection of the late Donald Evans and Wilson Born

63+146 - Late use of the one-cent 1861
White's Corners, Pennsylvania to Groton, New York. A portion of two-cent stamp missing at top left. Ex-Donald Evans

63 (x2) +65+68 - Fifteen-cent rate to Galt, Canada West
Sent from Downieville, Cal., Jan 13, 1863 and paying the 15c rate for over 3,000 miles from point of origin to the border crossing.  Red "PAID" and "15" in octagon on front. Very light foxing, flap tear on back. Ex-Wilson Born  

63+75 - Double rate
New York, Dec 20, 1862 CDS on double rate sent "per Steamer Marion" to New Orleans. Both stamps with perf faults. Scarce usage with a five-cent red-brown. Ex-Donald Evans and comes with a photocopy of his exhibit page.

63+65 pair+69 - To Switzerland
Sent from Peoria, ILL in June of 1867 to Switzerland via New York then Bremen. Red New York and "15" marking on face. Appropriate black Swiss receiving marks on the back. 19c in postage paid. Full cover with top of left 3c trimmed. Ex-Wilson Born 

40TC4-47TC4 - Atlanta trail color plate proofs on card
Complete sets of eight values mounted on the original album page. Each of the two sets (Scarlet and Blue) contains four margin copies. This is most unusual since the spacing on these plates was very tight and most sets will have at least a few values where the margins cut into the design. Both premium sets. Source: The Itasca collection.
$750.00 each

112P3-129P3 - 1869 issue India proofs
Complete set of 10 plate proofs on India paper and mounted on thin buff card board to resemble die proofs. The fifteen-cent value is represented by the type II frame design. The edges of the cards have been ruled with black India ink. The set is mounted on the original album page. In the lower left corner it is dated: "F.W.W. 11-28-31". A very interesting page. Source: The Itasca Collection. Scott catalog value for the set as India plate proofs is $855.00.
Net: $750.00

156P4 - 166P4
1c through 90c Continental Bank Note Company India paper plate proofs and still mounted on the original album page from The Itasca Collection. This is one of the hardest card board proof sets to put together as four of the values (1c, 3, 6c, & 10c) were only part of the first printing of 500. A very scarce set in premium condition.

Philatelic Literature - All One of a Kind

Special Mail Routes of the American Civil War - A Guide to Across-the-Lines Postal History
By Steven C. Walske and Scott R. Trepel, 2008, 283p, full color, HB. The authoritative work on the subject, out of print. $65.00

U.S. Waterway Packetmarks, Handstamped and Printed Names of Mail Carrying Steamboats on the United States of America Inland and Coastal Waters 1832 - 1899
By Eugene Klein 1940, 208 pages, HB plus 37 p. supplement (1942), edition of 500, numbered. The seminal reference when it comes to steamboat markings. The tracings of the marking are superb! $175.00

Patriotic Civil War Tokens - 2 Volumes
By George and Melvin Fuld, 1959 & 1960, Volume 1 all photos, volume 2 all text. A scarce first edition and marvelous reference, superb photos. $65.00

More Confederate Imprints Vols. 1 & 2
By Richard Harwell, 1957, soft bound. Collection of both official and unofficial imprints of the Confederate States. Very scarce. $50.00

Civil War Books - A priced checklist
Edited by Tom Broadfoot, 1978, 503p, HB. A first edition. A great guide to books about the Civil War written between 1866 and 1978. $35.00

American Letter Express Company, Louisville and Nashville 1861
By Edward Brooks and Sam Adkins, 1946, 60p, HB. An excellent compilation of the express advertising, and articles in the Louisville newspapers. Signed by Brooks to Corinth Wagner in 1947. Rare book! $175.00
Confederate Postal History, An Anthology of articles from The Stamp Specialist
Edited by Francis J. Crown, Jr., 1976, 313p. HB. $60.00
Surveys of the Confederate Postmaster's 
By F. J. Crown Jr., 1984, 742p, HB. A reprint compendium of Charles Phillips' articles from the 1930's and the Hart articles from the 1950's. $95.00
Confederate Patriotic Covers and Their Usages
By Benjamin Wishnietsky, 1991, 144 pages, HB. Over 230 excellent large illustrations of covers of which over 90 are in full color. $40.00

Confederate States of America - Philatelic Fakes, Forgeries, and Fantasies of the 19th and 20th Centuries
By Powell & Kimbrough, 2015, 432p, HB. Well illustrated in full color. $85.00

Our New Publication

The Various Kinds of United States Essays and Proofs 
By Clarence W. Brazer, D.Sc., 1935, 1947
Illustrated  by James E. Lee, 2016, four color throughout, 16p plus card cover.
Over the years, on more occasions than I care to count, I have photocopied for clients a reprint of this manuscript pamphlet as prepared by Dr. Brazer. it originally appeared in the 1935 American Philatelic Congress book and was revised in 1947 for inclusion in Brookman's The United States Postage Stamps of the 19th Century. Neither of these editions had any illustrations.  In 2009 my wife Melanie was kind enough to enter the document into Microsoft Word where it sat for another seven years. One of my goals for 2016 was to see that this pamphlet was published. It has now been edited and illustrated with material from my inventory.
Since it was first written almost 80 years ago some of the details about specific issues have become dated. However, the basic information about essays and proofs is still valid today.  For the first time a basic illustrated primer will be available to collectors. $10.00 plus $5.00 for shipping

2017 Show Schedule for the First & Second Quarter

48th The Plymouth Show
April 29th & 30th, 2017
To be held at the Hellenic Cultural Center
36375 Joy Road
Westland, Michigan
Show hours: Sat. 10 AM - 5:30 PM, Sun. 10 AM - 4 PM

June 9th - 11th, 2017
To be held at McLean Hilton at Tyson's Corner
7920 Jones Branch Dr
McLean, Virginia
Show hours: Fri. & Sat. 10 AM - 6PM., Sun. 10 AM - 4 PM

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