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1861-68 Issue Die, Plate,
and Atlanta Trial Color Proof Sets

                                   Page last updated: 4-5-2020

63P4 – 78P3 – Plate proofs on India
Complete set of twelve values, plate proofs on India paper, bright colors, very nice margins all around, XF set and sound. Include both the lake and scarlet three-cent values. $1,100.00

63P4 – 78P4 – Plate proofs on card board
Complete set of 12 values including the rare red-violet plate proofs on card board, bright colors, very nice margins all around, XF set. $1,350.00

63SJ – 78SJ – Control number overprints
A complete set of ten values, OG, with some perforation flaws which is typical. They are numbered from the highest denomination to the lowest starting with the 90c "1234" down to the 1c “9012”, except for the 15c which has only three numbers "235". According to Michael Plett’s article these were numbered using a bond numbering machine. $3,500.00


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1861-68 Issue Die, Plate and Atlanta Trial Color Proof Sets
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