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The 1861 Issue

Page Last Updated 11-30-2019

Image 63+65 – Philadelphia carrier use
1c Blue and 3c rose, tied by Philadelphia Jun 24 1863 Pa. CDS on full cover to Cumberland county, Pa. Octagon “U.S. Penny Mail Phila. Pa , Station C” cancel on back. One-cent represents carrier pickup and delivery to the post office in Philadelphia. With APS certificate. $150.00

Image 65 – Brattleboro Masonic
3c Rose, tied by perfect bold blue strike of masonic “square & compass” with negative “G” in the center. Brattleboro Aug 27 Vt CDS accompanies on cover to Washington, D.C. Reduced 1/8” at the right.
Probably at the top of the finest known strikes of this cancel which clearly shows the “G” in the center of the cancel. $1,500.00

65 – Brattleboro, VT Masonic
Early strike of blue Masonic cancel. The “G” can be clearly seen at the center of the cancel. Mourning cover very slightly reduced from opening at the right. A gem! $750.00

83 – “C” grill – Third day of use
Stamp tied by New York Nov 18 duplex CDS. This cover comes with a letter from noted grill expert Bill Herzog stating that it is an 1867 use and at the time of the Bill’s letter a third day of use.  Strong grill on an attractive cover. With PFC. SCV: $1,350.00. Ex-Wagshal $750.00 

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