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Post-1890 Postal History


                                                       Page last updated: 1-26-10

1890 Small Bank Note Issue

2c (pair) + 3c (strip of three) First Bureaus to Fiji
A great destination! The 13-cents in postage was probably meant to pay the 9c registry fee plus the 5c UPU rate. However, there is no indication of registry service. San Francisco, Ca, Sep. r, 1900 machine cancel, backstamped: G.P.O. Suva, 1 Oct. 00. (PH51-06) Ex-Wilson $195.00

Trans-Mississippi Issue Postal History

285 + UX
One cent used to make up the two-cent postal card rate to Germany. Saint Meinrad, IN 1899 CDS. Stuttgardt receiving mark on front. (PH45-19) $125.00 

288 Used to Austria
Attractive cover with five-cent used to Austria. Wien backstamp. (PH45-25) $125.00

288 Used to Ecuador
A rare destination used from Coldwater, MI in Feb. 1899. Cover reduced at left. A marvelous use. (PH45-27) $350.00 


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