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The Bank Note Issues


                            Page last updated 6-03-10

136 - End Roller Grill
Sound end roller grill variety, just tied by Hingham, MA postmark on small unreduced cover to Hartford, CT, light strike of "Advertised" in circle. Extremely scarce variety, especially on cover. With 2006 PFC. (PH51-04) $650.00

205 (two pairs) + Mexico 157 (two singles)
Paste-up express cover from Guayma, Mexico to Paris, France by way of New York City. Wells, Fargo & Co. envelope with two pre-printed 12 centavo stamps, cancelled with Wells, Fargo CDS, November 5th. 5c Garfield stamps tied by cork killer, and a November 6th R.P.O. CDS accompanies. Blue 1885 Paris receiving mark on front. Marvelous use. Ex-Wilson $750.00

210+209 To Australia
Tied by duplex troy, NY CDS and going to Sydney, Australia. Forwarded to Wellington, N.Z. with 2d postage due. Appropriate receiving marks on the back. (PH53-19) $250.00 

210+1c wrapper
Tied by oval 1887 New York cancel to 1c wrapper to Germany. (PH53-20) $100.00

217+209 (pair)
Stamps tied by NYC 1889 duplex CDS to heavy blue linen cover going to Paris, France. The postage pays 10 times the UPU rate. Paris receiving mark on the front of the cover. Ex-"Mercedes" $500.00

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