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Columbian & Trans -Mississippi Issues

 Page last updated: 8-12-2020

The Columbian Issue

Columbian Plate Proofs

Columbian Cardboard Plate Proofs

 230-245P4 - Complete set
A complete set of the 1893 Columbian issue plate proofs on cardboard. This set is comparable to the india paper plate proof set which was sold in our newsletter no. 51. The colors are vibrant throughout, nice even margins, and free of any faults. Only about one in twenty sets seen in the market today will approach this quality.  $2,500.00

Columbian India Paper and Cardboard Plate Proof Blocks

235P3 – Block of four
6c Purple plate proof on India paper, sound block of four. Order by position. $550.00 each

  241P3 – Single
$1.00 Salmon, plate proof on India paper, sound. SCV: $250.00 Net $100.000

243P4 - block of four
$3 yellow green, plate proof on card block of 4, vibrant color, Extremely Fine. SCV $1,300.00. $1,150.00

Columbian Specimens

238S-E – With hand stamped “Specimen”
15c Dark green with dull purple hand stamp (Type “E”) applied on the diagonal in the center of the stamp, OG and reasonably centering for this. Catalogs: $400.00 Net $300.00

The Trans-Mississippi Issue


5c Dim dusky blue frame with black vignette full size die essay pulled on India paper and removed from the card blotter. SCV: $750.00 Net $500.00





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