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One-Cent 1861-68 Postal History

                                                Page last updated: 12-7-2020

One-Cent Local Drop Rate

92 – “F” Grill
1c Blue, tied by Allentown, PA CDS to small ladies cover, with stamp paying the local drop rate. Ex-Diamond $200.00

One-Cent Carrier Fee


63b+65 – Certified Dark Blue
1c Dark Blue & 3c Rose, each tied by New York Apr 17 CDS and paying the carrier fee plus the domestic rate to Washington, D.C. Outstanding full small cover with PF certificate. The dark blue is now recognized as a very scarce shade. $750.00

Circular Rate

 63 – To the Mayor of Boston
1c Blue, tied by S-O-N Cambridge, Mass CDS to outer sheet of FLS. “Frederic Walker Lincoln Jr. (February 27, 1817 – September 12, 1898) was an American manufacturer and politician, serving as the sixteenth and eighteenth mayor of Boston, Massachusetts from 1858–1860 and 1863–1867, respectively.” Ex-Dale-Lichtenstein, Lee, & Pacetti $450.00

63+U9 – Dedham Bank embossed corner card
1c Blue+1c entire, struck with cork killer on full unsealed envelope, accompanied by Dedham, Mass CDS. Ex-Barkhausen & Diamond $125.00

Domestic Three-cent Rate

63+73 – Chicago 1864 Blue duplex
1c Blue+2c Black, tied by blue Chicago, Mar 5, ’64 duplex CDS. Striking full cover with great eye appeal going to Minnesota. $300.00

92+93 – Pair of “F” Grills
1c Blue+2c Black, tied by New York CDS to printed bankruptcy notice with additional writing, which keeps it from going at the circular rate. Philadelphia receiving mark on the back. A rather scarce usage! $300.00

63 – Strip of three
1c Blue, “Daniel Allen & Co. Commission Merchants, Boston.” Domestic letter rate to Hardwick, Mass. The blind embossed corner card has been gently highlighted with an HB pencil. It comes with a photo copy of the exhibit page from the gold medal exhibit of the late Donald Evans. $75.00

Domestic Usages with other Values of the 1861-68 Issue

63+75 – Double rate
1c Blue & 5c Red-brown, tied by six bar open grid killer, New York, Dec. 20, 1862 CDS accompanies, going to New Orleans. Carried on the streamer “Marion,” a scheduled mail ship on the West Indies routes. Tape stain at bottom could be conserved.   Ex-Donald Evans. $250.00

Other Usages

63+146 – Late use
1c Blue & 2c Red-brown, tied by double strike of White’s Corners, Pennsylvania CDS on cover going to Groton, New York. A late use of a one-cent 1861 issue stamp. The two-cent Banknote is missing a portion at the top left. Ex-Donald Evans $75.00


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