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Postal Stationery
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                                        Page last updated: 3-17-2020


Note: U No. = Undersander Number. These numbers come from the Catalog of United States Stamped Envelope Essays and Proofs written by Dan Undersander and published in 2003 by the United Postal Stationery Society. We have copies available for purchase at $60.00 plus $5.00 shipping.

U No. E27Gk
Cut square in black on buff paper, 31x30mm, overprinted “Specimen” in red. $40.00

Unlisted but similar to Undersander No. E35C
Embossed die essay pulled on thin ivory glazed card. It is very similar to the vignette used for E35C. Ex-Finkelburg $500.00

U No. E36Cd
 2c Jackson in black, surface printed die impression on white paper, complete envelope. Very rare. (EP40-28) $1,000.00

 U No. E37Bb
3c Shield in 1861 frame design in  green,  surface printed die impression on white paper with  Pirie & Son 1869 watermark. $750.00


U No. UY1EcTd
Patent Reply Card produced by the National Bank Note Company. Dull light red and Dim dusky orange-brown, complete wit perforated backing sheet. $125.00


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